Amber has trained at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and acquired her Firearms Training and Combat Skills at the British Action Academy. Amber has performed in a West End Production as a Bollywood dancer and competed at a National level in several sports. She can speak conversational French and Spanish, and is learning Russian.

She is known for her lead role in The Seven, as well as several soon-to-be-released independent feature films; including “R.I.A.”, “In Search Of Fear”, “Cornerstone”, “Corner Shop Show Movie” and “Ignominy”. She has also co-produced several projects, including the documentary “Hollywood Immersive: LA” and the critically acclaimed short comedy film “Hothed”.

She has been cast in 5 Independent British Feature Films scheduled to shoot in 2021, “Shellshock”, “The Proof”, “City Knight”, “Dark Days” and “Mustang”.

Awards: Amber recently won Best Actress at Falcon International Film Festival for her Dual role in Sci-Fi film “New Born”.

A full list of Amber’s credits can be found on Spotlight and IMDb.